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The focus of Aesir Computing, Inc. is to provide a creative, well thought out Web presence for our clients. Advertising on the Internet / World Wide Web is unlike traditional mediums (such as television and radio), since there is no top level or structure to the information provided. Innovative ideas are required in order to develop a successful Web site. Aesir employees have the expertise to develop successful Web sites.

But we do more than develop Web sites. Since our company has an in-depth technical base, we also "consult to the consultants". Some of our most recent clients include ISPs such as Capital Area Internet Service and Cable & Wireless. For these companies, we've provided technical direction, implementation, and/or support on Internet networking issues such as firewalls, security, network topology and design, and network management.

At Aesir, we realize that designing and maintaining a successful Web site requires more than just knowledge of HTML. Successful Web sites depend on experienced marketing direction, competent computer hardware/software staff, skilled copy writers, and a commitment by all parties involved to put forth their best in order to create and maintain the site. We have the skill and the commitment to design, and develop, and/or maintain a successful Web site for you.

Our Experience

Our advertising/marketing staff has over 6 years experience covering the following areas:
  • Media buying
  • Marketing campaign development
  • Traditional advertising medium consulting
  • New Media advertising consulting
  • Marketing management

Every member of our technical staff has at least 15 years C/UNIX programming experience and varying years experience in other related areas. Our technical expertise covers a wide range of areas including (but certainly not limited to!):

  • HTML, HTTP, URI: World Wide Web emerging standards - from designing custom Web pages to Web server development.
  • Internet security, protocols, and firewall implementation
  • Internet GNAP (Global Network Access Point) design, development, and implementation.
  • X Window System programming from writing widgets to designing and implementing user interfaces using OSF/Motif
  • Commercial product development - full life cycle from design to productization
  • Device drivers for UNIX, VxWorks, MS-Windows
  • CMIP and SNMP-based products including network managers and agents
  • Software gateways (TCP/IP to X.25 and TCP/IP to XNS) and IP routers
  • MS-Windows 3.1 SDK programming - DLLs, custom GUIs, DDE
  • UNIX kernel customization
  • Communications interfaces for X.25 and ADDCP
  • FDDI, 802.3 and HDLC
  • Distributed applications used in CALS-compliant image storage and retrieval systems
  • Large system design, requirements analysis, implementation, and test
  • System administration of medium-sized heterogeneous networks
  • Project management
  • User training

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